C. R. Costley is a  thirty-one year old Texas native. An artist of many qualifications for twenty-five years or more, he is well rounded and always interested in entertaining a challenge. From a very young age C. R. has been a creator as well as an entertainer. He has been a professional tattoo artist in the wonderful world of body modification for seventeen years, leaping into the successful career immediately after graduating high school. He is an award winning artist devoted to the quality as well as the sterile environment for both his client’s and his own saftey and satisfaction. He currently owns and operates one of Dallas Texas’ most successful, award winning tattoo studios Alterity Collecor’s Union in Wylie Texas just twenty-five minutes North of central Dallas. More of his portfolios can be seen at Alterity Collectors Union and his personal profile at Clyntstagram. C. R. Costley is an active screenwriter/ aspiring producer and director and a member of The North Dallas Screenwriters Group and Co-Founder/ President of Wythdraw Art Community. Currently his projects include multiple screenplays, finishing a book about his in depth experience inside the tattoo industry, publishing the first of many children’s books and building a strong foundation for the  Wythdraw not-for-profit organazation. Feel free to contact him for any questions, working positions and or commissions. For questions visit our contact page.